When it comes to their own health care, more and more people are now relying on the self-medication brands available in pharmacies.

We offer you with leading brands like doc, Biolectra, Anti Brumm, algovir, Aspecton or Betaisodona a well-balanced range of non-prescription products. These cover the key areas muscles, joints, bones, immune resistance, respiratory infections, motion sickness, wound desinfection and -healing and mosquito protection. Here, we invest a great deal in the development of new products and in establishing and maintaining our brands. And we perceive our exclusive cooperation with pharmacies and comprehensively stocked pharmaceutical wholesalers as an unequivocal statement in support of quality and expertise.

On this you can rely: our research and development is for you

Whether we are talking about eating habits, stress, pregnancy or illnesses – not only do our personal circumstances but also the demands we place on our body change in the course of our lives. Year after year, HERMES invests a great deal to meet these changing needs by means of concerted research and development work. Only in this way can we regularly offer new product solutions and user-friendly dosage forms. Here, we pay strict attention to the use of extensive testing and constant quality controls, and to close cooperation with universities, clinics and renowned institutes in order to keep our pharmaceutical and health products at state-of-the-art scientific levels.

Safe and sound and well-advised – thanks to the exclusiveness of pharmacies

HERMES Arzneimittel does business with pharmacies and comprehensively stocked pharmaceutical wholesalers. For we are convinced that pharmacies can offer the patient something unique: namely holistic consultation for people – free of charge and with the greatest expertise, tact and sensitivity. A big plus for pharmacies, which we totally support. After all, your health is our key concern.

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